Ventilation and air conditioning

Duct fan
Roof fan
Explosion proof axial fan
Internal air conditioning unit
Air duct made of galvanized sheet steel (various diameters)
Protective grille with a diameter of 160
Circular umbrella for air ducts
Duct fan for round ducts
Capillary tube
Complete air supply unit consisting of: air valve, filter, water heater, fan section, silencer, AS-1R automation, VS40-150CG UPC SUP-EXH switchboard

Mounting box
External air conditioning unit
Axial fan
Flat corner connection
Control damper with electric actuator Belimo LM230A-SR
Split system
Wall mounted split system (outdoor/indoor unit), remote control, outdoor unit mounts included
Т-shaped section
Straight pipe 5 meters long
Mesh filter flanged Ø125 with counter flanges