Adapters for fixing leads of a fixed breaker
Automatic changeover control unit
Power supply unit
Starting switch
Power leads for a fixed breaker
Automatic drawout-type circuit breaker
Outgoing line switch
Holder for plane conductors
Control button protective cover
Impulse relay
Tubular screw terminal
Terminal with fuse
Terminal pylon
Terminal connector adaptor
Kit conversion for moving part
Changeover contact
Terminal box
Round conductor
Mini-contactor reversible

Motor reducer
Outgoing differential current circuit breaker
Separating partitions between phases
Wired remote control desk
Switchgear assembly
Power-on relay
Time relay
Pressure relay
Socket outlet
Switch in a stainless steel box
Photocell relay
Current transformer 1
Fixed part withdrawable
Busbar bushing from TS1.5, TS2.5 transformers
to IP1.5, IP2.5 cabinets
Busbar line
Electrical panel