Structural Steelwork

Alarita is a global structural steel supplier for your construction projects.
Structural steelwork, which significantly shortens the construction period thanks to its ease of application and robustness, is indispensable to modern construction. Due to its durability, strength, light weight and constructability steel is commonly used in building structures, railway bridges and viaducts, cranes, power transmission lines, power plants, natural gas/oil pipeline racking constructions and other areas requiring structural steel.

We manufacture structural steel sections of various shapes in compliance with international standards in the facilities located in Europe and Turkey and deliver them to our customers to be used in their construction projects in different parts of the world.

Our company’s expert team is at your service to provide the best steel construction solutions that will suit your needs. Load bearing cross-sections such as steel columns, beams and angles, types of roof trusses, scaffoldings, platforms, stairs and other temporary structures used during construction, as well as standard steel cross-sections used in rapid raised steel building structures such as steel hangar, are just a few of the products that we offer. Thanks to the unlimited possibilities offered by structural steel in terms of design, custom sections or structures can also be produced for your projects.

With the knowledge and experience gained over the years, we offer our customers superior service and innovative solutions that are of real value.

Import & Export

Alarita International Foreign Trade Company is a full-service import/export organization that offers its services worldwide. With our multilingual staff having more than 10 years of experience in international trade and logistics, we determined to expand our business further in our target markets.

Our aim is to become your global partner, to be that link between a supplier and a customer, that maximizes your profit by producing competitive offers, and providing superior customer service.

Export: Our broad international network of business connections enable us to engage in export activities in various sectors. We put our work to expand the presence of your products on the international market and offer to the customers worldwide a wide range of commodities.

Import: We make research of the desired product for our customers and provide options from various suppliers considering quality-cost balance and according to the customers choice we manage the entire import process in accordance with their demands.

Logistics & Distribution

As a part of import and export activities, Alarita also offers its services in logistics.

Partnering with reliable, time-tested transportation companies, our experienced staff guides you through the whole process of transportation, making most relevant choices between transportation means (by road, rail, maritime and airway or combined transportation) by location.

Delegating logistics issues to the professionals will help your business to get what it needs transported in a reliable and cost-effective manner with consistent service and exact timing.

As an essential part of a company’s marketing strategy, distribution helps to expand its presence on a global market and increase the growth of revenue. Providing distribution services to our clients we enable them to save on operational costs and focus on their core business, thus strengthening its position on the global market.

Thanks to our international staff and network of partners we are able to sell the products of the companies that we represent on a global level. We endeavor to distribute the right product of the exactly right quality to the right clients at time and at the right place, that allows our suppliers to get ahead of the competition with ease.

Business Development Consulting

You have a new business idea and want to evolve it into a start-up or an enterprise or own a small business and have a desire to expand it into a business, which will gain success on a local and global scale?

Starting any type of business will need financial planning and business tactics. You have to be knowledgeable of the right marketing strategy, business planning, creating a unique name, find out about the technologies, business processes and more.

Our experienced business consultants will be glad to invest their time and knowledge to guide you in your journey of development, finding new customer leads and converting them into increased sales and revenue. An expert management will ensure that your business will go as smoothly as possible.


We represent your business in the most effective way.

Through proper and professional representation, you can get the help you need to make your business run efficiently and smoothly. Our team of qualified and dedicated multilingual staff is always on contact to provide your company a needed assistance for a wider reach.

We represent a wide variety of clients from Turkey, Russia, CIS countries, Europe and Middle East. Our priority is to help our represented companies to get better presence on the global market, strengthen their sales and export abilities and get larger customer base throughout the world.